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Commercial Ground Mount Solar System

Commercial Ground-Mounted Solar Panel Systems

Pole mounted, ballasted and low-profile solar systems and solar farms.

low-profile ground mounted system

· Easy installation
· Solar footings as shallow as 30"
· One of the lowest cost options
· Uses standard Schedule 40 pipe

multi-pole adjustable mount

· Low footing penetration count
· Easy installation
· Minimal local materials
· Seasonally adjustable

shallow low penetration mount

· Shallow footing penetration
· For large & small solar systems
· Pre-fabricated - Easy installation

ballast mount

· When digging is not an option
· Rugged and easy to install
· Good for marsh wet land
· Used by the US National Guard
· Includes concrete ballast footings

Canadian Solar
Trina Solar
Mission Solar
Canadian Solar

Commercial Ground-Mounted Solar System

Base Price List & Information

System 50 KW 75 KW 100 KW 250 KW 500 KW 1,000 KW

Each system includes:

  • Name Brand Solar Panels
  • Grid-tie Inverter System
    SMA Tripower,FroniusorSolarEdge
  • Solar Panel Ground Mounting System
  • Trina, Peimar or
    3,526 sq. ft.
    5,288 sq. ft.
    7,051 sq. ft.
    17,628 sq. ft.
    35,256 sq. ft.
    70,513 sq. ft.
    Canadian Solar
    3,274 sq. ft.
    4,911 sq. ft.
    6,548 sq. ft.
    16,369 sq. ft.
    32,738 sq. ft.
    65,476 sq. ft.
    Mission Solar
    3,342 sq. ft.
    5,013 sq. ft.
    6,684 sq. ft.
    16,710 sq. ft.
    33,420 sq. ft.
    66,840 sq. ft.

    View Our Commercial Solar System Projects:

    Sloped Roof Comp Shingle
    Ballasted Roof Mounted
    Ground Mount Ballasted
    Flat Roof Tilt Up
    Sloped Metal Roof

    Commercial Ground-Mounted Solar Systems since 1996

    Manage the project yourself.
    Save thousands of dollars!

    Buy at low wholesale direct prices
    from Solar Electric Supply

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    在太阳manbet客户端下载能供电,我们致力于箴言iding superior components and service for all of our commercial ground-mounted solar panel system projects.

    We dedicate ourselves to offering the most cost effective and easy to installground mount solar panel systemsfor all types of PV power applications. Many of the ground mounting solutions we carry enable quick installations, contain aluminum and stainless steel components for strength and corrosion resistance, are aesthetically pleasing, and are compatible with the most types of solar modules.

    We are awholesale distributorfor popular ground mounting solar system options like the:IronRidge Integrated Grounding System,DPW Power-Fab Multi-Pole PV Mounting (MPM-G2) System,Schletter ETL Classified FS System,Prosolar GroundTracand theConstellation Gemini G9 Ballasted Mount. Ballast mounting is ideal for solar projects where trenching or digging is not an option.

    Popularsolar panelsby manufacturers likeREC,Trina,LG,Canadian Solar,Mission Solar,SilfabandHyundai. Rugged and dependable grid-tie inverters bySMA,Fronius,SolarEdge,Enphase,Solectriaand more. We have chosen these manufacturers because they maintain high quality products, positive history, proven cost effectiveness and high customer focused value.

    Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is here to answer your questions. Feel free to give us atoll-free call.

    SES offers both packaged and custom complete systems for general or solar contractors looking for a low price on quality components that offer true product satisfaction and value. With us, you will find the the highest quality solar panels, grid-tie inverters, and system components at alow wholesale discount pricefor your nextground-mount solar systemorsolar farm.

    All systems can be customized!

    Different ground mount, module, inverter and voltage options are available, all at low wholesale prices.

    Contact ustoll-free at(877) 297-0014forlow wholesale pricingandexpert reviews.

    Other Services Available:

  • Solar System Installation and Project Management
  • Site-Specific Solar Feasibility Studies
  • In-depth System Performance and Financial Analysis Reports
  • Complete Commercial Solar System Design Assistance
  • Structural Engineering Analysis
  • All commercial ground-mounted solar systems include:

  • Underwriters Laboratory (UL) Listed Solar Panels
  • UL Listed Grid-Tie Solar Inverters
    from trusted, established manufacturers
  • Quality Engineered Ground Solar Mounting System
    for your specific ground type; small businesses to solar farms
  • Balance of System Items:
    solar combiners, grounding, disconnects and related hardware
  • Single and Three-Line Schematics
  • Stamped Testing Reports
    for your specific solar mounting system
  • Solar Electric Supply's experienced professional team can assist you every step of the way.

    Solar financing assistance, system return on investment reports, solar SREC (PBI) performance-based incentive investigation, installation referral and solar technical training, financial analysis (ROI) solar interconnection, net-metering application assistance and on-site project management.

    Contact Our Friendly, Knowledgeable Staff

    You can speak with an experienced, knowledgeable and friendly representative with a simple phone call.Contact ustoll-free at(877) 297-0014and someone will be happy to help you with all aspects of the design, system cost and rebate incentives forground-mounted commercial solar systems.

    系统可用grid-tie逆变器由the following manufacturers:

    grid-tie inverters