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Conext Quick Fit Home Battery Backup

Schneider Electric Conext Quick Fit

Pre-wired solar battery backup for home and off-grid applications.
Pre-wiredsolar解决方案grid-tied battery storage,家用电池备用电源和off-grid solar applications. Save installation time and cost with Schneider Electric’s pre-wired solar system,Conext Quick Fit. Just mount on the wall with an included bracket and you’re ready to go!.

Conext快速适合XW + H.– 865-6848-01HPS
Conext快速适合XW + H.

· Combox monitoring

Conext快速FIT XW + L  -  865-6848-01LPS
Conext快速适合XW + L.

· Combox monitoring

Conext Quick Fit Pro H – 865-6848-21HPS
Conext Quick Fit Pro H

·Conext Gateway Monitoring

Conext Quick Fit Pro L – 865-6848-21LPS
Conext Quick Fit Pro L

·Conext Gateway Monitoring

Conext Quick Fit Pro – 865-6848-21QF
Conext Quick Fit Pro

· Often used for AC coupling
·Conext Gateway Monitoring

The Plug-n-Play Solar & Battery Backup for Home

Schneider电气的Conext™快速合身is an all-in-one, plug-n-play solution for grid-interactive energy storage,home battery backup和emergency battery backup power. The Quick Fit is a reliable clean alternative to gas generators for PG&E or other utility blackouts during wildfire season and other natural disaster power outages.


Conext hybrid inverter,Conext MPPT charge controllers,Conext监控通信设备,Conext Power Distribution Panel,Conext SCPConext Battery Monitor.

兼容Conext™网关和Conext™Insight 2。

TheConext Gateway.along with the ConextInsight 2provide local system configuration and management. One can monitor, troubleshoot or upgrade firmware as well as live system monitoring for the residential and commercial range of solar products.

Solar Electric Supply is an approved PG&E, So. Cal. Edison, SDG&E and So. Cal. Gas supplier for critical load battery storage and solar systems.

Conext Quick Fit Documentation

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Schneider Electric Conext™ Quick Fit Components

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Expert Conext Quick Fit reviews and low wholesale prices. Custom options available.

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