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Residential Solar Systems

We design & supply grid-tie solar systems for your home at low wholesale pricing.

manbet客户端下载设计和用品住宅太阳系使用优质名称 - 品牌太阳能电池板和太阳能电池板安装套件。我们采用多种逆变技术,包括具有直流电源优化器的串逆变器,微逆器和Solaredge逆变器系统。这些家庭太阳能系统专为承包商,方便的房主或与电工一起使用的建筑商。SES可以自定义构建系统以满足您对住宅太阳能项目的特定需求。查看最新354manbetx . Whether you're an experienced installer, electrical contractor, or do-it-yourself homeowner, we will be here to support you every step of the way throughout the design, permitting, and installation process of your residential solar system all at a low price.

sloped-roof home

· Composition roofs
· All types of tile roofs
· All types of corrugated steel
· Low penetration solar systems.

flat roof system

· Reinforced concrete
· Self-Ballasted
· All other flat roof types

ground mount system

· Self-Ballasted
· Seasonally Adjustable
· Custom PV Solutions

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· Home solar carport systems
· Car charging stations
· Discount solar carports
· Solar shade structures



REC Solar
Q Cells
Solaria Solar Systems
LG Solar

Complete Residential Solar Systems for Any Home

Perfect for the contractor or handy homeowner / builder working with an electrician.

Manage the project yourself.
Save thousands of dollars!

from Solar Electric Supply


Our residential systems ship complete with solar panels, grid-tie inverter, solar panel mount, interconnect cables, AC and DC disconnects. Any other options you may need are available at low wholesale prices. Site specific one and three line electrical schematics are included with every system and denote all wiring sizing and type and ALL recommended breakers, disconnects and components. Our schematics are very detailed. They will more than likely be all you need to obtain your installation permit for your area if one is required. Our knowledgeable staff is one of the main reasons for choosing Solar Electric Supply for your home solar system.


All systems can be customized!

Different module mount, module, inverter and voltage options are available.

State and Federal rebate incentives are available.

许多国家和市政当局提供了促进安装太阳系的重要激励。也可提供联邦税收激励。Click here for more incentive information.我们携带的所有系统遵循政府机构设定的严格指导方针,以获得激励资格。这些系统专门设计用于满足许多州提供的所有折扣激励。我们提供所有必要的检验文件。

Generous solar system rebates are available for California, Colorado, Florida, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New York, Nevada and New Jersey. We help relieve high energy rates with solar power in Hawaii, Bermuda, Guam, American Somoa, Fiji, Tahiti, Micronesia and Marshall Islands. Systems can be engineered for these rebate incentives at a very competitive discount price.


Our complete grid-tied solar systems are perfect for the contractor competing for a bid or the homeowner avoiding the exorbitant costs of a solar system installation company. The sales engineers on our staff have many years of experience and can design any complete solar system for residential or commercial applications. Our remote industrial solar systems are designed to reliably power our clients critical loads in remote locations.

我们所有的系统都设计有来自制造商的一级优质的太阳能模块,如:REC,LG,Hanwha Q细胞,加拿大太阳能,松下,Solaria等许多产品。我们为远程应用提供优质的工业太阳能模块,以及我们的MAPPS 1 DIV 2 PV系统。Rovolar,Uni-RAC,Ironridge,Snapnrack等屋顶和地面安装套件可提供屋顶和地面安装套件。变频器选择包括:Fronius,SMA Sunny Boy,Schneider电动,士嘉可再生能源,保险箱能源,户外电力和我们首选的逆变器制造商Solaredge。

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Easy to reach sales and support staff
Unbeatable pricing
Outstanding technical support
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您可以通过简单的电话与经验丰富,知识渊博和友好的代表交谈。联系我们免费无线了(877) 297-0014有人很乐意为您的住宅太阳系提供设计,系统成本和折扣激励措施的各个方面。

通过以下制造商提供了网格 - 领带逆变器的系统:

grid-tie inverters