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Residential Solar System Project

Residential Solar System Projects

Sloped-roof, flat-roof, carport & ground-mount solar system project examples.

Since 1996, Solar Electric Supply has delivered thousands of complete, packaged home solar electric systems all over the world. These are pictures of some of our residential solar system projects (thank you for the pictures!).
Solar Electric Supply, Inc.

Roof-Mounted Solar Panel System Projects

sloped-roof grid tie solar system
Residential solar system installed by an SES Authorized Contractor in Roseville, California.
sloped roof solar system in Hawaii
4.6KW Sloped-Roof Solar System
SES 4.6 kw倾斜屋顶系统在夏威夷三型松下单晶太阳能电池板。
20KW FastJack Solar System
SES 20 kW Kyocera Solar residential system w/ Prosolar Rooftrac & Fastjacks in Monroe, Louisiana.
QuickMount solar panel system
10kw QuickMount太阳系
SES 10 kW home solar system installed with QuickMount by an SES Authorized Contractor in Maryland.
solar carport shade structure
Custom Solar Carport
13.86kW custom solar carport shade structure using Solaria solar panels and SolarEdge optimizers.
6KW ProSolar Solar System
SES 6 kW Sharp Solar system, with ProSolar Rails installed by a do it yourself homeowner in Nevada.
FastJack New Jersey
5kw fastjack太阳系
SES 5 kW home solar system, w/ Prosolar Rail R-136, comp shingle with FastJacks, New Jersey.
4400 DC watt Sanyo HIP-N220A01  Roof Mounted Solar System installed in Hawaii by JAM Electrical, INC.
Roof-Mount Solar System in Hawaii
4400 DC watt roof mounted Sanyo solar panel system installed in Hawaii by JAM Electrical, Inc.
ProSolar Flashjack系统
4.2KW FastJack Solar System
SES 4.2 kW Sharp Solar system, with ProSolar Rail system, FastJacks w/ flashing, Sonora, California.
spanish tile
6KW REC Spanish Tile System
SES 6 lkW REC Solar system, Spanish tile with Creotec mounts, ProSolar rails in Mission Viejo, California.
metal roof
SES 4 kW solar system on sloped metal roof w/ ProSolar Tilt Up Kit, Gardnerville, Nevada.
SES 10 kW Kyocera Solar Home电力系统在金属屋顶上谷仓,自己做了家众主,新泽西州。
steel roof barn
10KW Steel Roof Barn Solar System
SES 10 kW steel roof barn PV system for home power w/ ProSolar Rails, Williamstown, New Jersey.
standing seam s-5
Standing Metal Seam Solar System
SES 16 KW锋利太阳能系统在常设金属缝屋顶上,宾夕法尼亚州W / S-5夹子W / S-5夹。
sloping metal roof Hawaii
This Sanyo system was installed on a sloped roof by a top SES Authorized Contractor on Kauai, Hawaii.
flat-roof with tilt up kit
4KW Flat-Roof Tilt-Up Solar System
SES 4 kW Sanyo Panasonic Solar residential system, with ProSolar Tilt-up Kit & TileTracs.
8KW SolarWedge Flat-Roof System
SES 8 KW Sharp Solar Home Grid系列系统,带有ProSolarar Solarwegge和15°倾斜套件。
4KW Unistrut Solar System
SES 4 kW flat roof solar system, w/ ProSolar Tilt-Up Kit, and Unistrut Base in Larkspur, California.
solar carport
10KW Solar Carport
SES 10 kW solar carport shade structure w/ 2 SMA Sunny Boy inverters in Redding, California.
Solar Electric Supply, Inc.

Ground-Mounted Solar Panel System Projects

REC Enphase Ground Mounted solar system Pennsylvania
REC / Enphase Ground Mount System
REC Enphase Ground Mounted solar system Pennsylvania
REC / SolarEdge Ground Mount System
16kW REC TwinPeak 2S 72 cell solar panel system w/ SolarEdge optimizers and SnapNrack ground mount.
REC Enphase Ground Mounted solar system Pennsylvania
20kW REC Solar Ground Mount System
60 Rod Twinpeak 2S 72电池太阳能电池板W / Solaredge优化器和Snapnrack接地安装。
REC SolarEdge Ground Placerville
REC Solar Ground Mount System
REC TwinPeak 2 BLK2 solar panels with SolarEdge Optimizers and ProSolar mount, Placerville, CA.
Buellton REC grountrac system
7.28KW REC Solar System
SES 7.28 kW ground-mounted solar system using REC solar panels in Buellton, CA
Ground Trac ground mount system
SES 20 kW Sharp Solar home power system, Prosolar Ground Trac modified, Gilroy, California.
Ground mounted Solaredge system
8KW SolarEdge Solar System
SES 8 kW solar system with 2 Solaredge inverters, all mounted on Ground Trac in Pennsylvania
ProSolar New Jersey
10KW Sharp Solar System

Prosolar solar ground mounting structure with user supplied Schedule 40, 1.5" steel pipe New Jersey.
backyard ground mounted system
3KW Home Backyard Solar System
SES 3 kW Sharp Solar backyard home power system, ground mounted, Rocklin, California.
san diego backyard solar system
倾斜后院,圣地亚哥,加利福尼亚州的7 kW住宅地面太阳系。
SES 2 kW Sharp Solar system, ground mount in backyard with ProSolar mount and Fronius inverter, Dallas, Texas.
sharp 20 kw
20KW Sharp Solar System
20 kW Ground mount ranch system with ProSolar GroundTrac , Temecula, California
SolarWorld ground mount solar system
10KW SolarWorld Solar System
ProSolar GroundTrac system installation, SolarWorld 10 kW array, Murphys, California.
的直接权力最高-of-pole mount solar system
7KW Top-of-Pole Solar System
SES 7 kW Sanyo Solar system with DPW top of pole mounting structures for a home in California.
Kyocera with Prosolar Ground Trac
SES 30 kW Kyocera Solar array w/ ProSolar GroundTrac. Simi Valley, California

5KW Island Solar System
SES 5 kW Sharp Solar system, ground mounted with ProSolar GroundTrac on Bermuda Island.

6KW Custom Hawaiian Solar System
SES 6 kW home solar system with custom ground mount design installed in Kauai, Hawaii.
Solar Electric Supply, Inc.


Sunny Boy Sma 6000
SMA Sunny Boy SB6000-US
SMA SB6000-US residential solar power installation, San Juan Bautista, California
2 SMA Sunny Boy SB5000-US
Dual SMA SB5000 US inverters, outdoor installation with Solar AC disconnect and main panel.
sma 3000 inverter
SMA Sunny Boy SB3000-US
SMA SB3000 US inverter with nice wire management, Rocklin, California.

SB3000A-US w/ Solar Meter
Indoor installation of SMA SB3000-US w/ solar production meter, 3.6 kW PV home power system, Massachusetts.

2 SMA SB5000-US Indoors
Indoor installation of two SMA SB5000 inverters, SES 12 kW home PV system, Auburn, California.

2 SMA SB5000-US Outdoors
户外双部SMA SB5000-US逆变器安装,带阴影结构,雷丁,加利福尼亚。
SMA SB4000-US Wiring
关闭SMA SB4000 US布线为4 kW住宅光伏系统。
SB4000-US w/ Generator Transfer
SMA SB4000 US solar inverter with generator transfer switch, Grass Valley, California

2 SMA SB7000-US
Two SB7000-US solar inverters installed inside the house, Michigan.

SMA SB5000-US w/ Disconnect
SMA SB5000-US outdoor inverter with AC solar disconnect, Maryland.
SB5000-US Backyard
SMA SB5000-US后院
SMA SB5000-US很好地安装在后院太阳能家居安装中。
Solar Electric Supply, Inc.

Solar AC Disconnects, Production Meters, Combiners, Junction Boxes, Conduit Runs

Midnite Solar Combiner
12 KW PV系统配有Square D Solar DC Disconnects和Midnite Solar Array Combiner,Tracy,加利福尼亚。
30A AC Disconnect
Square D 30 Amp AC disconnect used in smaller residential PV home systems.
main panel
Main House Panel w/ Signage
Safety labeling on solar conduit runs.
j box
Solar array outdoor junction box for routing solar wiring into conduit.
Square D HU 361 RB Solar DC断开在室内逆变器安装中使用。
Midnight Solar Combiner
Time for Celebration
首先千瓦时生成d by solar on solar SMUD production meter, Antelope, California



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