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Learn To Install Solar Systems!

Learn how to installcommercial, residential grid-tie and industrial off-grid photovoltaic solar systems在我们北加州太阳能训练中心。

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One on One Training

We do system specific one on one training at our showroom and headquarters for our contractors and commercial clients.


Mounting Solution Training

Commercial System Training

Solar Module Mounting Systems


solar panel mounting

Solar Electric Supply, Inc established oursolar installation training center在加利福尼亚州斯科特谷。距离硅谷仅25分钟路程。我们提供持续的太阳系安装培训on all facets ofcommercial,residential grid-tie工业杂交网格solar systems.

Our one-on-one and manufacturer sponsored training courses cover all aspects of solar system installation. NABCEP credits are available on some of our manufacturer sponsored training sessions. We will also be providing full credit for the initial training cost on your first grid-tied system purchased from Solar Electric Supply, Inc.

此培训课程可以免费到太阳能承包商和安装人员。我们的高级承包商培训套餐可用于199.00美元的初始成本。此套餐包括我们进行一年的所有培训,一个特定的项目一对一培训类审查:太阳能系统安装系统安装,许可证提交,测试报告,原理图,电汇时间表和标牌都详细介绍。初始培训成本的信用适用于任何SES系统的成本。随意地contact usfor details.

We take the guesswork and mystery out of solar panel and system installation!

Training includes:

solar contractors

.Solar panel mounting solutions
.Grid-tie inverters including microinverters and power optimizers
.Permitting and rebates
.Manufacturer training and new products

Any complete SES system purchased will apply a full credit to the annual training fee. This effectively makes your training sessions free!


We have active hands on racking displays & installation instructions from all major solar panel roof and ground mounting system manufacturers including:

SolarEdge - QuickMount PV - SnapNrack - Certainteed - Renusol - SMA

ReneSola - Trina Solar - Professional Solar - IronRidge - EcoFasten

Inverter and solar module manufacturer specific training will also be provided from many manufacturers throughout 2017.

Call us toll-free to reserve your space today! (877) 297-0014


我们位于加利福尼亚州斯科特谷(Scotts Valley),距离硅谷仅有25分钟路程。

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